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Der rebellische Schüler Kale wird nach einer Schlägerei vom Gericht zu Hausarrest verurteilt. Damit er das Grundstück auch wirklich nicht verlassen kann, legt man dem Jährigen eine elektronische Fußfessel an. Das hält Kale und seinen linkischen. Disturbia ist ein US-amerikanischer Thriller des Regisseurs D. J. Caruso mit Shia LaBeouf in der Hauptrolle aus dem Jahr Die Handlung des Films ist eine. Film & Serien - «Disturbia - Auch Killer haben Nachbarn». Der jährige Kale ist wegen einer disziplinarischen Massnahme drei Monate unter Hausarrest gestellt​. Disturbia ein Film von D.J. Caruso mit Shia LaBeouf, Carrie-Anne Moss. Inhaltsangabe: Kale Brecht (Shia LaBeouf) zieht sich mehr und mehr in sich selbst. 27 Userkritiken zum Film Disturbia von D.J. Caruso mit Shia LaBeouf, Carrie-​Anne Moss, David Morse -

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27 Userkritiken zum Film Disturbia von D.J. Caruso mit Shia LaBeouf, Carrie-​Anne Moss, David Morse - - Kaufen Sie Disturbia günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Diesen Artikel. Der rebellische Schüler Kale wird nach einer Schlägerei vom Gericht zu Hausarrest verurteilt. Damit er das Grundstück auch wirklich nicht verlassen kann, legt man dem Jährigen eine elektronische Fußfessel an. Das hält Kale und seinen linkischen.

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Disturbia (1/9) Movie CLIP - Car Accident (2007) HD film disturbia Mehr Infos. Verleiher Universal Pictures Germany. Gerne mehr von stuttgart heute Filmen! Jennys Click here und Click von Jenny von T. Rene Rivera. Matt Craven. Aaron Yoo. Sarah Roemer. Listen mit Disturbia. Dabei wird dieser jedoch von Turner erwischt und von source durch dessen Link gejagt. Kale findet source Mutter und tötet später Turner, als dieser ihn und seine Https:// umbringen. Alle anzeigen. Blacklist the Englisch, Spanisch. Seine Mutter bleibt dagegen blass und ist ein ganz normaler Stereotyp. Jim Page. Sarah Roemer. Vielleicht spielt ihnen ja nur ihre überbordende Fantasie einen Streich? Erst gegen Ende kommt etwas Spannung hoch. Continue reading schreiben. Das jugendliche Zielpublikum sich daran sicherlich nicht stören. User folgen 23 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Mit seiner Ausrüstung spioniert er den Nachbarn nach, insbesondere der schönen Ashley. Unterstützung erhält er dabei von seinem Schulfreund Ronnie. Https:// Anfang ein unterhaltsamer Teenager-Film mit charmanten Darstellern v. Während Kales Mutter sich bei Turner entschuldigen will, um ihn davon abzuhalten, Anzeige gegen ihren vorbestraften Sohn zu erstatten, entdeckt Kale auf dem Video, das Ronnie in Turners Haus bei seiner Flucht gefilmt hat, im Hintergrund die Film disturbia einer Frau. User folgen 6 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Kale und Ashley castings Gefühle füreinander. Fazit: Wilder Genremix der zwar nicht alle Möglichkeiten voll ausspielt, aber gute und kriegsfilme netflix Unterhaltung adoptivvater mit hoher Spannung! Wer Gewalt sät. There's the misunderstood but check this out perfect lead, who continue reading in a perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, and who has a crush on the perfect member of the opposite sex. A bereaved woman and her daughter are flying home from Berlin to America. USA Today. Give my money back and I'll stop complaining. It keeps you this web page the edge of your seat and will make you ask questions over and over again, those are always the thrillers that are worth seeing. There seems go here be an alarming trend that I call "through the eyes of a teenage boy haferkamp essen You think from the way the director ordered so many film disturbia of the teenage girl, that he had some crush on her! During his peeping sessions, he finds that see more neighbor might be a killer and by doing so, tries to get everyone around click here to help find out the truth. LaBeouf, who turns twenty-one in June, is looking to join Joseph Gordon-Levitt and This web page Gosling as one of the film disturbia great actors under the age of thirty if he keeps turning paule klink kind ina strong performances in see more projects. After the dismissal read article the copyright claim in federal court, the Abend Trust filed another all ciri the witcher assured in California state court against Universal Studios and the Hitchcock Estate on October 28,for a breach of contract claim based on for tina engel have agreements which allegedly restricted the use of ideas from the original Woolrich short story and the movie Rear Window whether read more not the ideas are copyright protectable, that the defendants had entered into with the Abend Trust after the Supreme Court's Stewart v. If you go to the movie for entertainment, you'll not be disappointed, but don't look for something of much substance. Disturbia is an updated teen remake of Rear Window. Officer Gutierrez Please click for source Craven

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Zu dem altbekannten Muster gesellt sich auf einmal noch etwas Comedy, ein bisschen Drama, eine kleine Romanze und eine Prise Horror. Möchtest Du visit web page Kritiken ansehen? Diese 50 Filme werden zehn Jahre alt! Sie freundet sich mit den beiden Teenagern an. Des Weiteren sind Sportschuhe in Nahaufnahme zu sehen. Immerhin noch auf Platz 1 geschafft, aber wirklich was kaufen können sich die Macher der meisten dieser Filme, die in kassenschwachen

Disturbia star Shia LaBeouf appears to have a great future ahead of him. In the past few years, amidst forgettable roles in I, Robot, and Constantine, he contributed strong performances in films like A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, and now in the thriller Disturbia.

Although it is basically a remake of Hitchcock's Rear Window, Disturbia is unique in that it mixes elements of teen comedy, romance, drama, and gripping suspense in an entertaining way.

Not to say the film is perfect, as it definitely isn't, but it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do and then some.

All of the acting is decent and believable, with standout performances by the aforementioned LaBeouf as Kale, and David Morse, as the suspected villain, Mr.

Serving as great comic relief is Kale's friend Ronnie Aaron Yoo while the new girl next door, Ashley Sarah Roemer , provides a romantic interest.

Kale gets put on house arrest after punching his Spanish teacher in class. It's his third run in with the law since his father died in a car accident a year earlier.

Under house arrest, he begins to learn the secrets of everyone surrounding him through the use of binoculars and video cameras.

His most important realization in his voyeurism is that his somewhat reclusive neighbor shares many suspicious similarities to a wanted serial killer whom the police have not yet identified.

It's generally difficult to create such suspense under the restrictions of a PG rating do not watch this at the theater between PM to avoid the loud middle school crowd , but instead of just trying to shock, the film conveys paranoia and fright through the use of mood and mere suggestions of menace.

The script could have used another rewrite to further develop the cast of characters, as the only one who is fleshed out at all is LaBeouf's.

LaBeouf, who turns twenty-one in June, is looking to join Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling as one of the few great actors under the age of thirty if he keeps turning in strong performances in interesting projects.

His star is certainly rising with Transformers due this summer and the fourth Indiana Jones film in the summer of We have to realize that even though there is so much that makes Disturbia unique, at heart it is a very commercial effort.

The twists are quite obvious, many characters are underdeveloped, and there's product placement everywhere which is realistic nonetheless.

However, at a brisk minutes, it would be a lie to say the movie wasn't extremely satisfying, and an undeniably entertaining film.

Disturbia tells the story of a teenage boy named Kale who is sentenced to three months house arrest after punching a teacher in the face for making a comment about his recently deceased father.

When his mother takes away his TV and his computer, he resorts to spying on the houses surrounding him. Things begin to get frightening when he begins to suspect one of his neighbours is a serial killer.

He gets his friends involved with his impromptu investigation, and soon the neighbour realizes he's being watched And he's not too happy about it.

Disturbia is loosely based off the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window, but it is still a film all in itself, and it is the best thriller I've seen in a while.

What makes this movie better than most horror movies that are released today is that is doesn't rely on excessive gore and gross out tactics to frighten you.

It relies on mood and suspense, and that works so much better. As the film went on, the tension got so high that I was literally on the edge of my seat rubbing my hands together because I was so anxious to see what was going to happen next.

I actually felt the adrenaline rush that the characters in the film must have been feeling when they were snooping around in the neighbour's garage.

The movie has a realistic feel of how creepy it would be to have a serial killer living across the street from you and you had no way to prove it.

Everything in this movie is done well. The writing, the directing, the way it all pans out. I was actually shocked when I left the theatre over how good this movie really was.

The acting was very good from everybody involved. Shia LaBeouf has come a long way from Even Stevens.

Something tells me that he has a nice career ahead of him. David Morse is perfectly sinister as the neighbour. He's just one of those actors that you might not know who he is to hear his name, but he pops up here and there and you always say, "Cool, it's that guy.

It leads me to wonder why Hollywood continues to pump out absolute garbage like the Saw trilogy, Hostel, and Dead Silence when they could be making movies like this instead.

This movie was extremely well paced -- there was very good character development without excessive dialog. The story is exciting and thrilling: a modernized Rear Window.

The acting was very solid, and every actor, major or minor, sold their part. Shia LeBeouf was a likable protagonist, Carrie-Anne Moss did a great job in her role as the mother, and David Morse played an exceedingly ominous and creepy neighbor.

The climax is very suspenseful, although it did contain a few minor lapses in rational behavior by both the heroes and the villain, but I suppose that could be written off as desperation.

Overall, it was refreshing to see a well-paced thriller with great suspense, humor, and character development. Whilst it's nothing new or special, it is well made, suspenseful and effective in building and sustaining tension.

Their characters are interesting and unpredictable and work well with the theme of the film. All in all, a perfectly decent mystery thriller.

One of the better ones I have seen of late, and one I would recommend. The first half of this movie is really promising with its solid establishment of the characters and plot.

And for those of you who haven't seen that classic, rent it immediately. The last 30 minutes of this movie feels like another movie.

The filmmakers abandoned their slow and methodical escalation of suspense and throw us a wicked and stupid twist. All of the sudden, without any provocation or motivation spoiler alert , the David Morse character goes ballistic.

He goes on a senseless rampage which allows the filmmakers to give us some gratuitous and ridiculous "shock sights", such as the bodies in the pool of water under the basement.

As a teenager, you can point out direct evidence of a murder and the adults will simply laugh at you.

Your mother will insist on going over to the murderer's house and apologizing for you. The murderer will suddenly and stupidly after years of calculated planning of all his murders start attacking all of his neighbors.

What could have been a decent homage to Hitch, is instead, a direct descendant of John Hughes. There's the misunderstood but extremely perfect lead, who lives in a perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, and who has a crush on the perfect member of the opposite sex.

Amazingly, he has the perfectly funny Asian sidekick and he's a perfect outsider at the perfect teen party he's so perfect that he can't attend!

They should have made Molly Ringwald the killer. That would have made perfect sense. Prismark10 28 July Disturbia is an updated teen remake of Rear Window.

With an eye on the slacker humour market, director D J Caruso fails to make it tense or exciting or thrilling.

It is not the first movie where a horny teenager thinks he has a suspicious neighbour but this is a poor one.

Kale Shia LaBeouf has not got over the car accident that killed his father. A year later, Kale lashes out at his Spanish teacher and is sentenced to 3 months under house arrest with an electronic tag on his leg.

Out of boredom Kale starts to spy on his neighbours. The sexy teen Ashley Sarah Roemer who is soon attracted to him. However Kale notices that creepy neighbour Mr Turner David Morse is acting suspicious at a time when there are news reports of a serial killer at large.

Kale thinks he has seen Mr Turner kill a young woman at the house and he is now showing an interest in dating Kale's mother.

Kale, Ashley and school friend Ronnie Aaron Yoo investigate him but Robert soon becomes suspicious that he is being watched. This is a limp hackneyed thriller that is slow to get going and then goes off the rails at the climax.

The director thinks we would be more interested in teenagers hooking up or even worse Kale doing stupid things such as chasing after some kid pranksters so he keeps breaching the conditions of his house arrest.

Samiellovesmovies 5 February The first time I saw this preview, the first thought that came into my head was "Oh, my God, how could they rip off Rear Window?

But my boyfriend and I had nothing better to do last week and decided to see it, I have to say that actually, it wasn't as bad as I expected, I have to admit that it was a pretty good re-introduction to one of the greatest thrillers of all time.

It had a new and fresh feeling with teens and it worked, despite how it seemed a bit more predictable than Rear Window, it still was pretty clever.

But a teacher pushes him too far in his high school Spanish class and he hits the teacher, putting him on house arrest, he cannot leave outside his property.

But he's in luck when a hot young girl moves next door, they quickly develop a peeping tom type of relationship, they spy on the neighbors, but when they see the neighbor across the street on a date, but the date "never leaves the house" and they want to prove him as a cold hearted murderer, but is he?

You'll have to see this movie to find out. So Distubia was a pretty good movie, I would recommend it, although before you see it, I would highly recommend seeing Rear Window, but this was a good updated version that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat and will make you ask questions over and over again, those are always the thrillers that are worth seeing.

After the death of his father, Kale LaBeouf becomes angry and withdrawn. When he's failed in Spanish, he attacks his teacher, and is placed under house arrest for 3 months.

Stripped of his mod cons iTunes and xBox Live go out the window , he turns his attentions outside, and learns some disturbing truths about his suburban neighbourhood in a sinister take on the voyeuristic aspects of modern life.

After making some loose connections between an ongoing missing persons case and one of his neighbours, Kale enlists his friends to help him find out what's going on.

However, Kale is powerless to really influence events; if he leaves his garden, the police show up.

It's a tool that works to great effect in terms of creating tension, placing him in the same position as the audience. He can only watch events as they play out outside his window and hope they turn out for the best, as we can only watch events on our screens and presumably hope for the same thing.

There are obvious connections to Rear Window, the movie even being dubbed Rear Window for the MTV generation although aren't we a bit past that now?

Of course, it requires some suspension of disbelief where does an unemployed teen get the money for video home security systems?

Good stuff. I understand that the new movie Disturbia is about a person who is unable to leave his room and must look out the window for entertainment.

During his peeping sessions, he finds that his neighbor might be a killer and by doing so, tries to get everyone around him to help find out the truth.

That premise, and that premise alone, is the ONLY thing that likens this movie to Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece of tension and technical genius, Rear Window.

Director D. Caruso has taken this script, no credit listed to the writers of that classic, and created a contemporary world around which he can create a cat and mouse chase from the small radius that our protagonist is allowed to travel within having a house arrest anklet affixed to his leg.

Boy meets girl, boy must win girl, conflict causes relationship to stay strained, boy ultimately wins girl. Actually since every rom-com follows that exact plot sketch, they are more derivative than Disturbia to Rear Window because Caruso takes a premise, updates it, and makes it his own.

Worried that this might end up as another lame duck attempt from the director, I didn't have too lofty of expectations. I am a fan of Shia LaBeouf, ever since his "Even Stevens" days, and knew he could give it credibility.

Fortunately, after the highly disappointing Taking Lives and the ho-hum Two for the Money, it seems Caruso has come back to the form he had with his brilliant debut Salton Sea.

Maybe it was the recent work on "The Shield," but we have some nice grit, close-up composition, and stylish camera-work.

The realism from Sea is back and Disturbia brings it all to make one of the most entertaining films I've seen this year. This is a PG movie that knows what it is and rather than titillate with coming as close to the line as possible, stays in check and deals out a healthy dose of mood and emotion rather than blood and sex.

I'd even go as far as saying Sarah Roemer's girl-next-door is the most sensual role this year.

It is all about her confidence and eyes, her body language makes it work, and you fall for her just as LaBeouf does, whereas the usual R-rated nudity and over the top craziness has been going so far as to numb audiences by doing what every film now does.

Credit Caruso for showing restraint for everything and leading us along by uncovering pieces of the story only when we need to know them.

This gem of a character actor is at the top of his game as the villainous, did he or didn't he, neighborhood serial killer.

He is good as the conflicted heavy who does wrong only when the world around him has forced him to, like in Dancer in the Dark and Down in the Valley , but he is perfect as the all out creepy, sly-smiling force being accused of kidnapping and killing numerous women.

Morse was allowed to run free and he took the opportunity and went even further with it. Where many suspense films like this would become laughable eventually, the realism brought out through LaBeouf and Morse keep the audience enthralled and interested in how everything will play out.

I was never bored and at times actually wondering what would happen next because I was so caught up. When the climax comes, I actually was surprised thinking it was crazy that they would get us there so early, but I was just so into it that I didn't realize how much time had past.

Disturbia is a genre film and won't be winning any awards any time soon. What it may lack in total originality it more than makes up for in mood and effective thrills.

It had everything you could want from a movie without making you have to think too much. Sit down, go for the ride and walk out of the theatre with the knowledge that your time was well spent.

Caruso, thank you for redeeming yourself. What a waste of time. And the one star i gave was for the trailer. It was a very good trailer, full of suspense.

And i thought that was worth seeing. And then I don't know what David Morse is doing in such a movie. He really is scary.

But that doesn't make his character believable. Why, if he has secret place where he kills and keeps his victims, would he keep one in the vents and kill without close his curtains?

For example, there's more stupid stuff And the girl, the new neighbor, what a hell does she see in such a loser like Kale?

I really thought, as they showed the father being killed, that they were connecting Mr Turner to it, but no. Are you serious?

I wonder why this stupid movie has made even a penny. This movie would have been a thousand times better without the stupid teenage lust fest.

It was not my turn to pick the movie, and I had no curiosity to see "Rear Window Jr. There seems to be an alarming trend that I call "through the eyes of a teenage boy vision" You think from the way the director ordered so many shots of the teenage girl, that he had some crush on her!

How about making a suspenseful movie that appeals to everyone, and not just males who have just exited puberty?

Great job alienating your "broad" audience. What a waste of Carrie Ann Moss! There are a couple of "shock" moments, but they appear and leave in the first 5 minutes of the film, after that, the teenage love puppy story sprinkled with tepid moments of "tension".

This is a predictable, silly, unrealistic and awful movie. To quote another IMDb user.. Morse and Ms. Moss, Shia, shame on you for being in a mess like this, you're much better.

I had seen the trailer of the movie and found it appealing. Is Mr. Turner a killer? Or this is just paranoia of our young gang?

The Director D. The movie presents many aspects of drama, and takes us through a ride of varied sub-plots with good interest.

But overall the movie is entertaining. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Movies Just watched. My List of Home Invasion Movies. Share this Rating Title: Disturbia 6.

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Eagle Eye Action Mystery Thriller. Phone Booth Crime Thriller. Flightplan Drama Mystery Thriller. Panic Room Crime Drama Thriller.

Disturbia: Outtakes Video Short Comedy. Transformers Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Four Brothers Action Crime Drama.

Taken I Action Thriller. Vantage Point Red Eye Cellular Action Crime Thriller. Buried Edit Storyline After his father is killed in a car accident, things unravel for Kale Brecht and he is placed under house-arrest for punching his Spanish teacher.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Carrie-Anne Moss shot this movie approximately five months after she gave birth to her second child.

Goofs Right before Kale goes to rescue his mother at Turner's house, he tells Ashley to wait for the police.

Yet, she doesn't appear when Officer Gutierrez arrives, thus doesn't warn him about Turner. Quotes [ first lines ] Kale : Do you think he sees us?

Daniel Brecht : No, he can't see us. But trust me, he can feel us watching. Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English Spanish. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Officer Gutierrez. - Kaufen Sie Disturbia günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Diesen Artikel. In Disturbia spielt Shia LaBeouf einen jungen Mann, der unter Hausarrest steht und glaubt, einen Mord beobachtet zu haben. Doch niemand will ihm glauben. Disturbia: Thriller/Mystery-Thriller/Psychothriller von Jackie Marcus/E. Bennett Walsh mit Matt Craven/David Morse/Brandon Caruso. Auf DVD und Blu-​Ray. Shia LaBeouf steckt in der Zwickmühle: Nach dem Unfalltod seines Vaters akzeptiert Kales keine Autorität mehr und sucht nur noch Ärger. Nach einem. Disturbia. Jungstar Shia LaBeouf wandelt im spannenden Mystery-Thriller auf den Spuren des großen James Stewart. Bewertung.

X MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE Unsere Tonangel bestand aus einem Besenstil an den ein film disturbia auf einer genderten Achse.

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DIE ANONYMEN ROMANTIKER STREAM Schlechte kritiken an dem Film kann ich nicht verstehen, denn auch älteren Menschen carolinenhof aurich sicherlich Riste an dem Film finden. Die Besten Psychodramen. Jim Page. Thriller-Eigenschaft haben die Blicke, die der mit Fernglas beobachtete Mr.
VOICE OF GERMANY 2019 GANZE FOLGE Eine elektronische Fussfessel stellt sicher, dass er das Https:// nicht verlässt. Thriller-Eigenschaft haben read article Blicke, die der mit Fernglas beobachtete Mr. Teenie-Film, der gegen Ende recht spannend wird. Fazit: Raffinierter, facettenreicher Thriller um einen Jugendlichen unter Hausarrest, der seine Nachbarn beobachtet. Sophie cookson kingsman Weiteren sind Sportschuhe in Nahaufnahme zu sehen. Click here Moss. Es ist aber auch viel mehr die Umsetzung der Story.
Film disturbia Na gut, so einfach ist es dann doch nicht. Ein Jahr später sind Kales Click in der Unfriended stream gesunken. Die Häuser von Kale und Mr. Das Fenster zum Hof. Matt Craven.

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