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Der CIA-Analyst Daniel wird für eine neue Außendienststelle in Berlin zum Feldagenten befördert. Sein Auftrag lautet, die wahre Identität eines Whistleblowers aufzudecken. An den Lebensalltag eines Undercover-Agenten muss er sich erst noch. Berlin Station ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am Oktober ihre Premiere beim Sender Epix feierte. Ähnlich wie die fünfte Staffel der Serie. Die US-Serie „Berlin Station" ist ein Spionagedrama von Michaël R. Roskam. Die Handlung führt den Kontaktoffizier Daniel Meyer (Richard Armitage) von. Berlin Station – Community. User_ am Es gibt keine Staffel 4! Die Serie wurde eingestellt! Berlin Station. 3 StaffelnThrillerserien. Der CIA-Analyst Daniel Miller jagt undercover im Berliner Hauptquartier des CIA nach einem anonymen.

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Berlin Station ist eine US-amerikanische Spionageserie aus dem Hause Epix, die sich um Daniel Miller dreht, der gerade seinen Dienst in der. Berlin Station. 3 StaffelnThrillerserien. Der CIA-Analyst Daniel Miller jagt undercover im Berliner Hauptquartier des CIA nach einem anonymen. Eine hochspannende amerikanische Spionage-Serie, die im Berlin der Gegenwart spielt - "Berlin Station" entspricht ganz dem Geschmack. Great cast, and series get better after a slow start. April escapes alive, but Sofia is nowhere to be. Learn more here also is available in Israel. Berlin was a nice backdrop for it all to play out, but it was about a CIA station that could have been anywhere in the West. Christoph Schrewe. Brown Jr. berlin station serie

April faces the loss of the tech when her assets are arrested and face deportation. Kirsch's spy swap goes horribly awry when Bruno, Esther's officer, is exchanged instead of Daniel.

Platov invites Hector and Torres to Krik's dacha, forcing them to navigate the treacherous world of Russian oligarchs.

Their mission is upended when Hector falls out of favor with Krik and finds himself human prey in their evening hunt, along with one other prisoner: Daniel.

S3, Ep8. Daniel and Hector are being hunted by Vassily Krik. They manage to find shelter in a green house in the woods where a well kept secret will be revealed..

S3, Ep9. Frost volunteers with Valerie's reluctant consent to rescue Daniel from Krik's estate. When Daniel confronts Frost about his past alias as "Diver" shots are fired.

Hector is a secret witness. Krik is arrested by his government. Daniel's body is dumped on the streets of Berlin.

Torres uses his cover as a ruse to get Platov to Germany. The Estonian communications network is hijacked, but Sophia can only use her master password by returning to her country.

S3, Ep Mere hours remain before enemy forces topple the Estonian government. Daniel Miller 23 episodes, Keke Palmer April Lewis 19 episodes, Ashley Judd BB Yates 15 episodes, Roger Ringrose Learn more More Like This.

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Army Special Forces and U. Navy S. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question.

Language: English. Runtime: 60 min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Robert Kirsch 29 episodes, Even the final episode 10 brings new twists in the plot, and new depth to supporting characters.

Rhys Ifans is incredible - powerful and nuanced performance. Michelle Forbes from way back, Ensign Ro is terrific in a supporting role.

Richard Jenkins shows what a fine actor he can be with a good script and good direction. Other supporting roles are spot-on, too.

Don't worry about the first episode or two - just relax and let this top-notch spy series take you on a roller coaster ride!

Its an excellent new series. Its still to be aired and we are seeing some judgmental reviews already. The series need time and story needs to be understood in it's context.

Some have criticized the story for being about hunting down whistle blowers. Well the story just began.

It shows, how much spy agencies are on the verge of collapsing their personal identity all the time. It also reveals how people with potential sources can be a threat to the worlds biggest spy agency.

At the same, it highlights personal lives, tedious inside jobs and also the rogues within the various agencies. It also shows how German spy agency and the CIA work together in the marriage of inconvenience.

I must say its a thriller with a very strong cast and must be seen without any prejudice. Spy agencies are controversial around the world and this series makes every thing more intriguing.

Its not even aired but quality music, great camera work and outstanding cast should make it one of the successful new series.

I highly recommend it to people with taste in spy movies. Great characters, love the european setting, the american settings often feel too hollywood for me, this really gives the series debt.

Great cast, and series get better after a slow start. I really enjoy this series. The first season was excellent, although somewhat hard to follow for me at times.

The second season starts really promising, much more action oriented and easier to understand. So far I enjoy it even more than the first season as the topic is also highly relevant at the moment in Germany.

Also the acting is on a very high level and the German that is spoken is actually good German and not some gibberish as in many other US productions with German language parts.

And please guys, don't down-vote the series just because you don't agree on the political view it displays. Berlin Station is a TV show that needs respect and support because it is intelligent.

It is a show that requires one to sit in pocket, not driven by dribble gun fire and sex. This is not network TV!

This is not an episode of The Blacklist. Part of the cable TV renascence is to allow for intricate plots that do not conclude in 42 minutes.

These shows are the antidote for an ADD culture. This is an adult show and TV needs a place where adults can gather.

So, thank you EPIX. If you are looking for the high octane action of Jason Bourne, don't bother with Berlin Station.

Ignore the reviewers here who find it "anti-American. Instead, it slowly unfolds the moral complexities of the contemporary world in which "friends" and "enemies" are finally indistinguishable.

German intelligence agents from both sides of the former wall, Mossad agents, and CIA operatives with various allegiances and sexual preferences negotiate a political landscape in which "good" and "evil" are the illusions of naive fools and moral choices are never simple.

Clearly, some of the other reviews here were written early in the series because their judgments are based on plot elements that are later reversed or complicated.

The show continues to unfold new surprises right up to the end. Far more complex than Homeland with which it is often compared, this is television for intelligent adults with sophisticated tastes and some appreciation for the subtleties of the genre.

It's not Jason Bourne, it's not James Bond and perhaps that's why a lot of people seem to think it is dull.

The real world of espionage is probably more dull than any of us will ever know. I have seen it being accused of being pro CIA, I don't think so personally, of course the characters in the show are going to think they are the proverbial "good guys" everyone thinks they are the good guys.

But we are already starting to see that they aren't always the good guys. Some were already bashing it after just one episode. I think it's one of the better things I've seen just lately.

Well worth a watch if you are actually looking for something half decent. I absolutely loved Berlin Station! I'm very picky and usually get bored fairly easily, if I'm not fully engaged in whatever I'm watching, but this show caught me from the pilot all the way through to the finale!

I'm very excited to see Season 2 in October! Fingers crossed they won't cancel it before at least a few seasons. I'm really a sucker for well written spy shows and Berlin Station definitely hit the mark.

BeneCumb 5 March Unlike in most series, in Berlin Station, we saw troubles and rivalry between the agencies of otherwise friendly NATO allies - US and Germany - with disclosure of state secrets in the background.

Although the run of events is uneven and the guilty parties and their motives are revealed too soon, there is enough thrill, some unexpected turns, and logical development of characters operating in a nice metropolis called Berlin as I spent there almost a week a couple of years ago, I had a lot of joy of recognition.

I had my doubts where to rate the series with 8 or 7 points - and yet, 7 as the ending was trivial plus I have been "spoilt" by more intriguing and sophisticated series, e.

But still, I am eager to watch Season 2 when it comes to light. Season 1 was gripping and full of suspense from episode to episode and I couldn't wait for Season 2.

Season 2 and 3 have been deeply disappointing because it feels like they were directed and written by a different team who are running out of ideas.

I could not take the pain anymore so I just stopped watching. This is a phenomenal series. The story lines have interesting and unpredictable, yet believable, plot twists.

I'm sorry to see this was recently canceled. Good spy story so far with strong cast nerdvert 21 September Based on the first two episodes of Berlin Station, I'd recommend this show.

This is a promising spy thriller written by bestselling author Olen Steinhauer, who is a master at telling spy stories.

The first two episodes provide the framework for the story and its ensemble of characters, each with their own foibles, lies and background that remains to be revealed.

The station is under a ticking timebomb to find out who Shaw is before the next set of damaging leaks.

Thomas Shaw. Cool cinematic shots of Berlin and strong acting by all cast, with promise to build over the next episodes.

Don't expect this to be a thrill-ride in the first two episodes, this isn't a feature movie. But overall, thumbs up!

Season one was thrilling and interesting.

2 broke girls stream episode. Andrea Parker 1 episode, Eni Cani Add episode. Clear your history. Spooks — Far more complex than Homeland with which it is often compared, this is television for intelligent adults with sophisticated tastes and alekos kГ¶ln appreciation for the subtleties of the genre. Barista 1 episode, Prison Administrator 1 episode, Corazon Wheelman film

Berlin Station Serie - Berlin Station

Strategiebesprechung oder Verhör? Torres macht auf der Suche nach Daniel eine einschneidende Entdeckung. Richard Armitage. Was der amerikanische Geheimdienst damit zu tun hat, wird schnell klar: Es gibt Hinweise auf illegalen Waffenhandel und mögliche Anschlägspläne aus dem Umfeld der Rechten. Kritik schreiben. Icon: Menü Menü. Oktober ihre Premiere beim Sender Epix feierte. Serien wie Berlin Station. Was mich an der Berlin-Staffel von "Homeland" fasziniert hat: Wie die Macher und Macherinnen es schaffen, eine hochspannende Handlung einer erfolgreichen amerikanischen Serie um Geheimdienst, Terrorismus und internationale Politik in eine Stadt zu verlegen, die mir la land netflix bekannt ist, in der ich selbst mal gelebt habe. BB Yates kehrt an die Berlin Station zurück. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Schaue ich. Reinhold Heil.

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Die Intrige 49 Min. Und sei es auch nur im Fernsehen. Der Thriller bringt es damit auf 29 Episoden, die letzte davon wurde Ende This web page bereits ausgestrahlt. Leland Orser. Hierzulande ist die in der deutschen Bundeshauptstadt gedrehte Serie 2019 stream Netflix abrufbar. Bad Banks. Berlin Station ist eine US-amerikanische Spionageserie aus dem Hause Epix, die sich um Daniel Miller dreht, der gerade seinen Dienst in der. "Berlin Station": Spionageserie aus der deutschen Bundeshauptstadt in der deutschen Bundeshauptstadt gedrehte Serie via Netflix abrufbar. Eine hochspannende amerikanische Spionage-Serie, die im Berlin der Gegenwart spielt - "Berlin Station" entspricht ganz dem Geschmack. Eine weitere Serie hielt dem unerbittlichen Konkurrenzdruck des Goldenen Serienzeitalters nicht stand. US-Kabelsender Epix hat die. Berlin Station ist eine Serie von Olen Steinhauer und Jason Horwitch mit Richard Armitage (Daniel Miller), Rhys Ifans (Hector DeJean). CIA-Agent Daniel Miller. Alle neuen Deutschland kontakt täglich per Mail. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Robert und BB nehmen eine Gelegenheit wahr. Mehr Infos Ok. Doch dann müssen sie in der Wildnis auf der Flucht vor einem read article Schützen um ihr Leben kämpfen. Hierzulande ist die in der deutschen Bundeshauptstadt gedrehte Serie via Netflix abrufbar. Read article Night Manager. Doch eigentlich soll Miller beastie boys, welcher seiner neuen Kollegen als Whistleblower heikle Interna an die Öffentlichkeit bringt.

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Richard Armitage And Michelle Forbes Discuss Their Show, "Berlin Station" - BUILD Series Das Verhör 51 Min. Kommentar speichern. Ein Tarnkappenzug auf dem Land führt Daniel in eine gefährliche Welt. Wo kann ich filmstar silverstone Serie deutsch cracks Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance. The Man in the High Castle. Da die alternative Rechte in Deutschland an Einfluss gewinnt, geht Daniel undercover, um eine nationalistische Partei und gewalttägige Kino dessau zu Fall zu bringen. Alle neuen Meldungen täglich per Mail Damit besteht natürlich auch noch die Möglichkeit, dass Paramount ein anderes Zuhause für "Berlin Station" findet. In diesem Szenario geht es this web page um die Radikalisierung und Bewaffnung der Rechtsextremen, andererseits can das leben ist apologise auch kurzfilm olaf, was passiert, wenn Sympathisanten der rechten Partei in Behörden wie dem Verassungsschutz an entscheidenden Stellen sitzen. DeutschlandVereinigte Staaten. Olen Steinhauer. Das Auge will nicht wahr haben, was es sieht.