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tim mälzer jamie oliver

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Tim Mälzer Jamie Oliver Video

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Tim Mälzer Jamie Oliver Video

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Finally, we hope that no ill feeling will remain over this. Charles, are accessing anything that's hosted on a different domain?

A graphic for stats, or something like that, could be causing the problem. This comments page loaded fine, so maybe by a process of elimination you could figure out what's so different about the blog page that it could be causing this.

Hey Charles, I thought you meant hot like mad - you know, hot under the collar. Well, what a little treat this was!

Charles, I now know you're a musician. I'm also a professional musician pianist , But I keep the roof over my head with my web design business for much of the same reasons you mention.

There are so many of us musicians out here with other jobs. I'm also passionate about web design - I love this, too, and I feel fortunate to be doing all of this and still have my music on the side.

I just wish the music also paid more so that I could do more! Thanks for noticing. BTW, we're using lgf referrers here. Thanks again.

I loved that thing I still have it, and it still works. There's one person taking rubbish here, and it isn't you.

Some of the things you say may be the result of raw emotion, but they're nothing to those of 'JB'. Charles, it looks like your link got updated, too.

I can't access it now pm PDT , so I went to their main section and found this instead: Governments head off airline insurance crisis.

Even this one is being updated after it's published -- Published: September 21 Last updated: September 21 At any rate, it looks like various governments, including our own, are scrambling to avert this major crisis with the airlines.

I hadn't even realized that the families of the victims from Sept. Now that would be even more tragic. I don't think wishing peace or love upon a man that perverts his own religion would be received.

He wishes his own peoples death for his own glory. Love does not seem known to bin Laden. I hope you don't really mean what you say regarding 'Religious war' Very sad to read your point of view 'but this piece in the NY Times Magazine voices exactly what I'm thinking far more eloquently than I could: This Is a Religious War.

I don't know if what stylo was saying is true or not, but you've failed to address the real meat of his argument -- the US actions in Cambodia and Laos.

Instead, you use ad homenim attacks. As an American, I find it difficult to even find information on my own government's actions around the world, let alone know the ramifcations of them or the reasons for them.

Like I said, I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, I'm just saying that I don't think that anything in this world is so simple as 'The US is fair and just at all times.

Thank You Charles. The CMIP maybe a rightwinger's propoganda tool. But the Nablus and other stuff provided by Eric is also propaganda.

There are a few facts that everyone knows: 1] As soon as the state of Israel was ratified, most Palestinians joined the arab alliance to infamously 'push the jews into the sea'.

War insued in less then 24 hours. Perhaps some of those Palestinians felt no choice in whose side to join. I certainly wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

The children today are suffering under Israel's military might in a situation that has developed in response to those events 50 years ago.

So, a serious, consistent, application of compassion is needed to heal these wounds. Both sides seem to be in short supply.

Honest accountablity in the teaching materials is necessary on all sides in order to cultivate a greater supply of that necessary compassion.

The history text books I had were totally different then the one's my father had. He and I were able to compare them.

Usually, history is written by the winners and for the most part this is true. But as the new text books reflect, everyone is getting a bit more enlightened and the expectations of a text book's accuracy and fairness rises as well.

I had to respond to Charles Krauthammer's column. Here's a link to the response. Charles-- good point : Probably feeling a lot of pressure to be 'one of the guys' when he's obviously a pencil-neck.

Charles, Histerical! I wish I'd thought of this angle. Maybe if I got more sleep I could think as clearly as you do..

By all historical precedents, land won in a just war belongs to the victor. The defensive war Israel conducted in was a just war by any reasonable definition although it was unjust with regards to the Islamic states that conspired to initiate the unprovoked attack.

Regardless of who the West Bank and Gaza belonged to prior to the Arab war of aggression and Israel had an overwhelmingly powerful claim then , it belongs to Israel now.

Charles--while I identify with the Democrats, due to my unabashedly liberal tendencies, I would sign up for your party.

It has a lot to do with the knee-jerk 'blame America first' rantings of such luminaries as Noam Chomsky and Barbara Ehrenreich.

Thinking critically has been confused with uncritical criticism of our policies, and that's a scary thing, especially in academia.

I nominated you. Do I get credit? I just voted. My weblog was nominated, but, alas, didn't make the finals.

It is only fair to point out that, while no one doubts that al Qaeda wanted weapons of mass destruction, there is no evidence that they made any significant effective progress in that direction.

Even the article you are referring to notes that the most detailed design they had was unrealistic and wouldn't work.

Most of the available reports suggest that they were simply a gullible group with more money than sense that fell for every scam that came their way.

You can't make either a nuclear weapon or an effective dirty bomb with U Cylinders with skull and cross bones on them are not necessarily anything other than halloween props.

I know you are somewhat sceptical about this, but building effective WMDs is extremely difficult and requires quite a lot of technical competence, something that seems to be well beyond their capabilities.

We got involved in Afghanistan for Retaliation reasons and perhaps National Security. His point is that for all of the talk of 'liberating' Afghanistan, we only did so for the purposes of getting revenge on the Taliban and Bin Laden.

The fact that we removed an oppressive regime was only a side benefit of that. Apparently, the oppression of the Afghani people didn't weigh too heavily on your conscience until now.

I would like to think we entered Kosovo for the reasons that you stated. I find it much more plausible that we did for reasons of National Security which were threatened by the destabilzation taking place in the area.

There have been massive slaughters of populations in Africa and elsewhere that have gone bu with little response from the US.

They would take it as proof positive that American unilateralism does not work. They would work hard to assure the Arab street that the EU is not Islamophobic and would never dream of racially profiling suspects in the alleged bombing.

Would you be willing to make your Greymatter based weblogging system available? I am not sure how much it is a part of your web design business, so please excuse me if the request was out of line.

What is the biggie problem with calling these people terrorists? At the very least, they're 'terrorist wanna-bees'. Why CAN'T we pass judgment on a group of people who are obviously trying to identify with terrorists by dressing up and looking like them?

And who knows, they may be the real deal anyway. I just know that if I dressed up like the KKK and posed as one of them in a rally somewhere, no photo journalist in America would label me an 'activist'!

Bottom line, that's the hypocrisy that Charles has exposed. Time for you to take this to the next level, Charles.

They're owned by Andrews McMeel Universal. Their contact info is at [Link: www. McMeel, chairman.

I'd say it's time for you and your friends to send a little love his way, too. It goes without saying that getting dropped by UPS would pretty much guarantee our Ted had to find a new profession.

I have a deadline to meet today, Jak, else I would chop that comment of yours into tiny little pieces, complete with citations.

I might add, the Haganah did what it did as a response to British efforts to ensure that any Jewish state would be helpless at the moment of its creation.

There's much more to the story than that, but that's the bottom line. Sharon has tried or at least backed down when his cabinet so advised , and yet the Palestinians continue to sling their manifold crap.

Frankly, I admire the Israelis' restraint - and look forward to the day that they've decided that The Line has been crossed.

If anybody's interested, I'll be happy to transcribe a contemporary account of the affaire to which Charles refers from the AP Yearbook.

Gosh Charles, do you really be honest now think that switching from a private screening mode to newly-hired government screeners will change anything statistically?

C'mon Charles!! Get Real. Do a google search using her name and read a summary of her reports. Pat, Israel has never had a problem with U.

S observers N observers not US observers and if push came to shove and the US sent observers Israel would not care Zinni did indeed visit some camps Im not your library The UN first lied and denied it knew anything and everything and later apologized and provided the Israeli government with bits of a tape 1yr later showing what had occured that they were only allowed to watch once.

Do you think anybody got in trouble for this Pat? And why did the UN not provide information sooner?

Israel knows the true face of the UN, where they never mention Arab aggression against Israel Or how about Syria's still current occupation of Lebenon and its murder of Christians?

Please let me know And while you moan about the occupation Pat, why then did the PA not accept an end to it during the camp David Talks?

I answered your questions As for the issue with water you should address the issue to the PA which is in administrative control of the areas..

Could it be that instead of the millions the PA gets to run the area from all over the world it uses the money for I dunno Yes they live in bad conditions but there are a whole slew of issues in regards to this And i have seen some very nice houses owned by some Pales..

What about Arafats? Have you seen the Casino in Jerico? Whoo Hooo Back to the topic at hand suicide bomb I live in Canada no jokes please just visited Turkey I had been planing this trip for a while and didnt expect to this to happen while I was here my bad luck Its always nice to read your weblog Charles and comments by everyone Sky news..

Thanks for providing me with injection that I need to keep my mind from going liberal-guilt-nutty. Given what seemed to be the smell of corpses in the rubble of the camp, he said, 'There must be many more bodies under the rubble.

Larsen, and the good scottish doctor both seem to think they can tell if a massacre occured by the smell in the air. Thanks for the plug, Charles Seems reasonable enough, no?

Thanks to Charles, Glenn, et al we had tremendous momentum going yesterday and were headed to our best traffic day yet, when a lengthy outage in the afternoon took the wind out of our sails and stomped on the rigging; another around 10 eastern turned off the spigot and peed on the pipes.

The problem with the postings here is that they all preach to the converted a group that includes me. And while in question mode: how can one channel the energy invested in the foregoing comments into action that leads to results?

In other words, what can one actually do to help beleaguered Israel other than sign the petition listed above, write to members of parliament in the US: Congress , write letters to newspapers, and participate in the occasional rally?

I would really welcome new ideas. Actually, Ms. Lopes will be 1 on tomorrow's Lycos 50 list of the most popular searches on the Internet which I compile when not sending Charles links to evil antisemitic cartoons.

Lopes got more searches last week than our usual 1, the Japanese cartoon Dragonball, or Spider-Man. What's interesting here is that similar pictures were also searched for Dale Earnhardt and Aaliyah, among other deceased celebrities, but as far as I know this is the first time such pictures actually exist.

Anyway the new list goes up Tuesday morning at We also write a new article on Web searches every day of the week. I share your frustration, but all of the Monday morning quarterbacking being done now in gov't and the media still hasn't shown where anyone had enough info that they could have said, 'Ground that flight, right there, before it takes off In hindsight, we can always see where we dropped the ball.

How about the pundits giving us the warnings from now on? When and where will the next terrorist strike be? A truly useful list of links too!

Keep up the great work. At least Charles will know how to respond next time some chomsky takes him to task for the mean-spirited anti-Saudi propaganda here at LGF: 'Hey, I don't know how it got there.

Musta' been those evil Zionist hackers, you know what clever devils they are. Charles wrote: 'I was seriously starting to worry that Jak had been kidnapped in the middle of the night by jackbooted Mossad war criminals, forced to read Philip Roth, flogged with wet bagels, and fed chicken soup with matzoh until he converted to Judaism.

People with concerns about the pilots' training, etc. It is also worth noting that just because you cannot think of a scenario where an armed pilot is really the last hope in a hijacking doesn't mean there is no such scenario.

I can think of at least one scenario in which a band of hijackers can overcome every obstacle -- sky marshals, stun guns, cockpit doors, pilot maneuvers, electric floors, even armed pilots, although the last is by far the hardest, least likely part.

If you know anything about Yiddish expressions, which I gather you don't, they can have different meaning depending on the context.

Charles: I also found the wipes next to Yasser's bed now we're getting really creepy on June 6: [Link: www.

Charles Crawford is nothing but a whore for hits at his website for paranoid crybabies. Prove he is a pathological loser by ignoring him.

Maybe he'll go back to his comics. Here I am And here I am tonite feeling wave after wave after wave after wave of profound grief for her And later tommorrow, with what I can contribute professionally a lot , I'll see if I can find a opportunity or other to help any Iraeli org involved in defense related, or a communications company, perhaps an Israeli chip maker Charles, this is a good thing to do.

I hope you do it more often. May I suggest a family portrait of the mother and four children murdered by a gunman yesterday? Shooting children must be SO much more gratifying than blowing them up, you actually get to see them die.

And the smart kid gets a copy of 'Isometrics,' the Charles Atlas 'dynamic tension' workout, from an ad in the back of a comic book.

And now he's bigger than the bullies. Then the bully runs behind the teacher's skirts and says, 'Help! Don't let him get me! Sound familiar?

Btw, did you notice that all those signers are doctors? Johnson, Dr. Glazer, Dr. Nough, Dr. Ben, Dr.

Dallas, may I submit to you that if those quackos are doctors, then I'm a doctor too. You're welcome, Charles!

I have a patent pending, but I won't demand any money until everybody's using it - then I'll ask for a nice, fat percentage of everyones PayPal donations.

I'm with you, Charles. What Bush says--and what he does--and what he thinks if he ever does --can always be counted on to be three different things, and often, radically different.

We're thus left with the peculiarly unsettling but by now oh-so-familiar notion that: it simply doesn't ever MATTER what he says!

His words are noise, his thoughts if any are muddle, and his actions, unfathomable. Of course, none of this surprises me, not in the slightest As for his latest talk, it was the typical Bush-noise: glaring contradictions for which, see PIPES coupled to occasional half-truths, and the whole mess couched in terms carefully formulated to avoid directly 'offending' The Killers, and their more legion apologists.

Insofar, then, as the long-term prospects for both the US and Israel, I have the queasy feeling that it's rather 'later' than most of us think Does anyone else share this sense?

I wish that picture were more shocking to me. It's just stale at this point. I have no idea how you have the stomach to document this lunacy day after day, Charles, but thanks for doing it Rude Rudy, what are you writing about exactly?

This isn't one of those 'those who dies the most is in the right ' arguments starting, is it? Be preprared to feel very stupid well, more very stupid if it is.

Oh, and ordnance is a real word, no need to put it in scary quotes. Religious freedom cannot extend to murder or the incitement to murder.

If Charles Manson had called his 'beliefs' i. If their religion calls for criminal action, the murder of innocents, the mutilation of female or male children, the practice of slavery, or of any of the wonderful cultural practices of real-life Islam - then I say: it's time to pull a Reno on the mosques.

My favorite bit in the web site Charles linked to is actually an article a little bit below the Farrakhan one:.

Whistle while you work! Hitler is a jerk; Mussolini pulled his weenie now it doesn't work! Also, thanks for the confirmation of high marks for your webhost.

I'm switching over this week! Excellent smackdown, Charles, but here's a possible reason for the population glitchoid.

Total population of Hebron 'governate,' what we might call the greater metropolitan Hebron area is almost , But the city itself counts only some , residents, a few hundred of whom are Jews, thankfully.

Well, that still doesn't explain the 50, number, though, does it? Maybe Reuters did a door-to-door survey. Well, that wasn't very nice!

Does anyone have the foreign aid figures for U. It's commonly known that the U. What about the Saudis, Jordanians, etc.?

Jesus Christ At one point, months ago now, this site was both interesting and entertaining. Intelligent people making informed or at least reasonable comment on any number of strange and horrific events.

Endless reams of smug and repetative nattering, juvenalia, and relentless nailing of barrel-fish seem to becoming a larger and larger part of the content.

Cleatus has a point, and there was a time when this site could react a little more self reflectively. And while there's still occasional intelligent commentary here, it's funny that Charles of all people!

And that pretty much sums it up. LGF is deteriorating to the level of a pissed up 16 year old flooring the 'ol Monte Carlo into a tree.

Echoing the sentiments of all the above; thanks for the site, Charles. And to all the rest of you, thanks for the comments. How great it is to know you're not the only on thinking Charles asks why these guys are always referred to as sheik - I think that it has to do with the brad of condom they use when they sodomize little boys.

Perhpas Mr. Bradley, the Lord Haw-Haw of this war, would enlighten us when he returns from his stroll along the corniche and looking in respectful awe at all those gee-gaw sculptures as to why this is so?

Give him a call Charles!! Very interesting series. I am still astounded at how much people everywhere hate the Jews.

Thank G-d for the United States. The interesting question is what the U. I would hope we'd just occupy the damn place and run it for the benefit of the world, pumping oil as fast as possible, and selling it to everyone as cheaply as possible.

There, now, doesn't that prospect make everyone feel better? I've been an avid fan of your site for some months now. I made the mistake of watching the video on the Clearguidance site of the Russian soldier being slowly decapitated I think I'm going to be sick.

I have never, in all my life, seen something so depraved and revolting. Worse still was the nonchalant attitude of those vile fiends Clearguidance.

One poster actually had the intestinal fortitude to claim that reveling in that kind of filth only gives Islam a bad name, and that if the shoe were on the other foot and they were watching videos of Jews executing Muslims, they'd be up in arms.

The response? A big, 'Well, we're the true religion, so it's OK. Another claimed that it was actually for the good of the poor Russian soldier, since he would be saved by Allah for having been killed by a Muslim.

I used to despise people of this sort, but now I feel something even stronger. I cannot even describe what I feel, just that it is something even more powerful than blind rage.

These people need to be wiped from the face of the Earth. Ironically, the video may be their undoing.

The look on the face of that man as his throat was slowly cut open is something which I will probably carry with me for the rest of my life.

I have no shame in admitting that I have a weak stomach for gore, and this was probably the worst I've ever seen.

She was already being attended to by medics, so I continued to run back to the recovery area. I've felt horrible about having seen that ever since.

This is far worse. I think virtually anyone who sees this video, provided they aren't a militant Muslim, would feel the same way. Spread the news of these people across the blogosphere.

Once it hits enough sites, the regular media is sure to pick it up. I intend to e-mail it to National Review right now.

I'm sure Goldberg, Derbyshire, et. For God's sake, make this atrocity, and the starry-eyed reaction to it, known to as many as possible.

Let the American public see just what we are facing. Let them see that there is no middle ground to be found with these vermin. Let them see what could happen to them one day, simply because they belong to a 'false' religion and a 'decadent' culture.

Jim M is correct: where's the condemnation to this sort of atrocity from the so-called moderates of the religion of peace? The Arab news media, if they are even deserving of such a title, daily exhort the killing of infidels.

When will we wake up from our Oprahfied national slumber and finally realize that these people want nothing more than to kill or forcibly convert us?

Charles, you are the most bitter, angry, blood-loving piece of shit I have ever come across in the blog world. You are just the other side of the coin of the radical Islamist jihadis.

Instead of screaming you vitriol in some mosque in Somalia you are spouting your hatred in cyberspace. Your obsession with violent, bitter Islamists is a narcissistic one.

You have fallen in love with your mirror image. You and Yasser deserve each other. Too bad we couldn't put both of you on a desert island somewhere where you could both exhibit your stunted development, leaving the rest of us to live in peace.

I can't blame you for gagging on that one, Charles. I almost made it to the end before I had to give up Jim can take the blame for his own English.

The only people here who frighten me are the Israeli Armed Forces. Readers, please educate yourselves in the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict, events that preceded the creation of the State of Israel in , The Balfour Declaration of , what happened to the native populaton in and , and discover the real reasons that the U.

Said, starting from page , third paragraph:. The planting of bombs in Israel or the West Bank and Gaza must be understood in the context of day-to-day coercion and the brutality of a long military occupation.

Besides, there is nothing in Palestinian history, absolutely nothing at all to rival the record of Zionist terror against Arabs, against other Jews, against United Nations officials, against the British [see British Mandate period ].

Moreover, the history of Zionist involvement in the internal affairs of Arab countries Lebanon being only the latest and the least hidden such case , of Israeli oppression of Palestinians, of state-sanctioned torture, of international lawlessness refusal to abide by UN resolutions, violations of the Geneva Conventions in dealing with civilian populations, unwillingness to sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, Israeli assassination of Arabs in European countries, to say nothing of repeated incursions against Palestinians in Jordan and Lebanon , all this makes Palestinian 'terror' a very pale and incompetent thing.

So, Dennis the Menace could kick all your butts? Could you please send some photos? Especially of sympathetic lefty journalists getting gassed?

The more the better. In color if possible. Yes, ever since the Jews mastered the magical incantations of the Kaballah, I have sworn off pork and introduced and all Palestinian child bloodcake diet.

No courses in bomb-making. Is this Vickery, D. How are we supposed to follow the logic of this one? These social occasions - they're just harmless fun?

Here's some quick questions, University guy: do the Islamicists in 'Palestine' glorify violence against the Jews? Do they have any intention of allowing the Jews to live in Israel?

The maps - and your comments - say no. Doesn't sound like a church social to me. I also have NO idea what you mean when you say Islamicists 'believe' in all other religions.

When the pope visted the Holy Land, and his open-air mass was disrupted by the Islamicist call to prayer - did you approve?

Was that a way to show that your cult 'believes in all religions'? How many Jews were protected from the Holocaust by Islamicists? I know that even in Germany there were brave people, as well as in France, Belgium, Holland, Poland, and other occupied territories where Jews were protected, in spite of the pressure to turn them over, pressure that included death to the protectors.

Or as Claire Peller would say, 'Where's the beef? Your appeal to the 'free and civilized world' is pretty funny.

Woo hoo, it's Northern Sudan for me, boys - the night life, the dance scene, the multicultural restaurants. They'll kill you for that.

But, just remember, we might pick up some slaves - the only nations where slavery is still in existence are in Ratz, when you get a chance, could you scan your check from the WZC bank and post it somewhere?

I'd like to see how much you get! Maybe Charles could get some of that WZC cash as well. I'll be completely honest: the more I read this blog, the more I think Charles is mentally ill.

I've got no problems with his opinions, mind you - but strip everything of context, and examine his tone.

It reminds me of the crazy guy who lives down the street from me, always walking around wearing a 'Accept Jesus Or Burn In Hell' sandwich-board sign.

Sadly, this will be my last visit here - at least until the proprietor geta a handle himself. I must quote for your reading pleasure from an article written by Ayn Rand in !

A people quickly perceives whether those who come to help them do so with or without affection Their message is in danger of being rejected if it is not presented in the context of brotherly love.

Mutual understanding will be established which will enrich both cultures' What follows is Rand's response].

This is said to civilized men who are to venture into countries where sacred cows are fed, while children are left to starve - where female infants are killed or abandoned by the roadside - where men go blind, medical help being forbidden by their religion - where women are mutilated, to ensure thir fidelity - where unspeakable tortures are ceremonially inflicted on prisoners - where cannibalism is practiced.

Are these the 'cultural riches' which a Western man is to greet with 'brotherly love'? Are these the 'valuable elements' which he is to admire and adopt?

Are these the 'fields' in which he is not to regard himself as superior? And when he discovers entire populations rotting alive in such conditions, is he not to acknowledge, with a burning stab of pride - of pride and gratitude - the achievements of his nation and his culture, of the men who created them and left him a nobler heritage to carry forward?

The article as a whole is quite fascinating given the year it was written. More than thirty years old, it carries a message which was not heard then, and still not being heard today.

The West does not have to apologize to anybody for getting it right, and we certainly do not have to accept disgusting, deplorable behaviour of other cultures.

There is a right and a wrong The NEA thinks differently. I highly recommend reading them! And as another aside, the article Charles referenced by Mark is what brought me to this site.

Anyways, back to work I've turned alot of people on to your courageous blog. Now that you are consistently hitting the big time Steyn, Taranto , television and a theme restaurant are in the offing.

Thanks again,. I hope you get all of the caffeine you need - your weblog is the best medicine for the day-to-day PC world.

It's nice to know that there are real people out there. Or, Kolya 59 , it has blown away a tiny pebble and revealed the micro-hate- organisms crawling under it.

Charles, I recently discovered your blog and I really appreciate the immediate access it provides to a vast array of information and insight from written sources as well as from your livelyand often witty readers.

Charles, Thought you might be interested in reading a piece that was posted on [Link: www. Can we, just for a minute, dispense with the hand-wringing and acknowledge that the problem Israel and the Palestinians are having with one another is actually their mutual solution to the problem of being mortal?

Of course, to understand what I'm talking about it is first necessary to recognize that it's not love or sex or money that makes the world go around but the fact of death; that what drives virtually everything we believe and do is the need to reduce, to at least a manageable degree of fear, the terror and panic the anticipation of extinction causes us.

If you can't quite grasp this notion, if you have to be reminded that terror and panic constitute the human default condition, then whatever you're believing and doing is working for you.

Of the myriad subtle and blatant ways we've come up with to make living with an impossible given tolerable, one example would be the symbolic immortality we assure ourselves of by the making of a scientific discovery, or a work of art, that will continue to exercise an influence on the world after our departure.

Another is the accumulation of inordinate wealth. The god-like trappings great sums of money buy enable us to feel not just superior to the common man, but less vulnerable to the common fate.

Still another is getting 'high,' which is about getting ABOVE the body that we know will one day be our undoing.

And then there's our invention of an afterlife. Presenting us with a chance to survive death--if we honor the pronouncements and follow the dictates we've assigned to deities of our own fashioning--it's this immortality illusion that's at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Arabs are qualifying for eternity by doing what they've determined to be God's work, which is to make war on those who, ignoring or questioning His authority, are undermining His plan for the planet.

And Israel, dropped in the Arab's midst, its diverse culture implicitly challenging the validity of Arab beliefs, provides the Arabs with the infidel they need to carry out their mission.

For Arabs, it's not about killing Jews, per se. Jews are simply a fortuitously placed means to a purchase on heaven.

You could say that their culture being, by all appearances, limited in its repertoire of immortality illusions to the resources of Islam, suicide is the only instrument of self-perpetuation available to the Palestinian terrorists.

Persistently testing Israel's exalted designation but never disproving it, enabling Israel to be embattled AND remain intact, the Arabs are every bit the blessing to Israel that Israel is to the Arabs.

It follows that the violence each side visits on the other must be measured; balances and proportions need to be kept. For one side to win, after all, would be for both sides to lose; would, that is, return BOTH sides to a contemplation of the Void.

We might call this aiding and abetting of one another's immortality illusions--the cooperation and the accommodations it requires--the deeper definition of the 'social contract.

So we can engage ad infinitum in the most earnest discussions about anti-Semitism, about Arafat, about Sharon, about territory and occupation, and forever miss the real dynamic of the situation.

The Arab-Israeli problem is, again, a solution to a more pressing problem, to what is, literally as well as figuratively, the mother of all problems.

And what accounts for the tenaciousness of the conflict is the ongoing success it's enjoying in the service of its underlying agenda.

As long as this holds true, Arabs and Israelis will, on one level or another, be enemies. Because for all of the horrors hostilities between them cause, they cause a more acceptable, a more BEARABLE species of horror than the fact of oblivion does.

I got turned on to this site from andrewsullivan. There's great stuff here, and I just love the comments Charles, I do appreciate the time and effort you put into exposing the truth.

Sorry couldn't do more; got my charities filled this year. Having lived in Ethiopia while it was under marxist rule, I've seen the firsthand devastation of the left.

While it's euphemistic to call the left here in the States idiots, I don't think they realize that they're contributing to something that's actually evil.

Let's stomp 'em. Hey Charles, looks like that US-funded school named after the terrorist has still not changed its name:.

I'm receiving e-mails a day that are infected with the same virus, Charles. I get roughtly e-mails a day. I've been getting this particular virus daily for over a month.

I don't think anyone is doing it to me on purpose, but they may be out to get YOU. I think it's a really common virus that just keeps going around because it's sometimes hard to identify by eyeballing it.

Thanks goodness for anti-virus software. HA, you obviously don't know what Jihad is, taking the meaning that right-wing propaganda gives it as face-value.

I'd urge you to read the Koran in an unbiased way to find out just where Jihad is a negative word, but I'm afraid you wouldn't want to touch that book with a 10 feet pole.

And you're the one talking about ideological battle? Charles, your 'remember me' box doesn't work on Mozilla by the way so now not only will I be labelled a filthy left-winger, I'll also be called a commie by some of the tools who populate your comments' section.

Am I really the only one here that sees the hypocrisy inherent in Charles vilifying the mullah's anti-Semitic Friday sermons on the front page while simultaneously allowing anti-Arab comments that are just as violent and hate-filled to be posted in his forums?

As someone who works as a paid, professional forum moderator on a site that's much bigger than this one, I have something of a unique perspective on this situation.

While I largely agree with LGF's politics and worldview, there is absolutely no way I can countenance what goes on in many of these comment sections.

Quite frankly, they disgust me. Now that's not to say that everyone here or even the majority of people are loudmouthed bigots, because you're clearly not.

This site has many sensible, intelligent, well-meaning posters, but Wetlog is fully correct to point out that you're rapidly being overshadowed by the freaks among you.

And sadly, that tends to be exactly what happens on almost any internet bulletin board. The site I work at covers the entertainment industry, and we get people posting vitriolic stuff about Buffy or Tom Cruise or Scientology that's just as bad as anything that's been said here about Islam.

The difference is that we ban those people immediately, delete their posts, and make it very, very clear to rest of our readers that such behavior will NEVER be tolerated, even if we may agree with the spirit of the posts.

Charles doesn't do that. Like it or not, he IS allowing hate speech to be posted on his website. Now this place isn't run by the government, so he has every right to allow that, but people like Ani and the writers at Wetlog also have every right to critcize him for it.

Someday soon, this place really will become a Clear Guidance for the anti-Arab set, and it will be because the lack of moderation continues to tacitly encourage people to make flagrantly unacceptable posts.

Some of those comments over at Wetlog may indeed have been quoted out of context, but if the positions were reversed, you'd all be screaming that there's absolutely no way to take a statement like 'nuking Tel Aviv means radiation drops on Haifa.

It's a twofer! The fact is, if no one stands up to the aggressive belligerents who hold radical viewpoints, they will eventually grow strong enough to take over.

If you can't or won't moderate your forums adequately Charles, you should at least consider taking them down, or modifying their format.

A lot of intelligent people would be willing to take you a lot more seriously if you did. But it won't. It doesn't fit their political view.

It is moving, and a demonstration of what American resolve and courage should be. It should have galvanized the nation into action and realization that forces have declared direct and covert war on the United States.

The resolve in America today should match the resolve in America December 7, for achieving the goals of winning the war.

Funny that whenever anyone stands up to Israel they are termed 'anti-semites'. Were the jury who found Charles Manson 'anti-U.

Those opposed to the Jewish holocausters are not anti Semites, they oppose the holocaust committed by the Jews in the Middle East, but the apologians for war crimes commited by the Jews insist on putting a spin on it every single time, to defray the truth.

Also, I am confused by the references to this being an archived thread. People are still posting here, so how can it be archived?.

What does 'archived' mean exactly? I looked for a FAQ file, but I could not find anything. Since you run this site Charles, I wonder if you will retroactively create two previous warnings to tokugawa?

I have made a copy of this entire thread just in case you decide to engage in some blog revisonism. Nathanincanada : Kudos to you, Mommydoc, for refuting Tok.

He's just a nut. But perhaps we should meet them somewhere other than the archives? LOL To posterity: If I am, at any time in the future, forced by Islamofascists to choose between two gruesome deaths, and if such event should be captured on film, I want Charles Johnson to show the photos of my murder.

Whether to post or not post the pictures, I don't know, I really don't. But whatever else happens, we need to stay angry. I saw the images on TV, but the full horror of what was happening didn't really hit until I sat back from the computer that afternoon and realized that post after post after post was coming in from people, familiar names, who were getting online simply to say, to friends, 'I'm here.

I'm not dead. For some reason that jarred me even more violently than the videos of the towers burning. My grandparents on my dad's side were Irish immigrants who settled in NYC.

My grandmother worked at Bellevue. My dad studied commercial photography in Manhattan after returning from Navy service in the South Pacific.

I never knew my grandparents on my dad's side - both died I was born - and I've found it oddly comforting to know that whenever I get a chance I can still visit the places they lived, walk on ground they walked on.

Talking about that when there are people here in actual, immediate grief for people they knew sounds kind of lame, but I guess the point is that I'm damned sure there's not a single square inch of ground in that city that isn't sacred to somebody, and the feeling in the pit of my stomach to know that there are 'men' still breathing whose only wet dream is to see all of it reduced to a blackened crater Anger doesn't begin to cover it.

Without pictures of the doomed jumping to their death, it's too easy to say, or accept, preposterous statements such as Stockhausen's observation that the destruction of the WTC was a great work of art.

The fact that death was visited on some 3, innocents--and not merely that some buildings were destroyed--needs to be reinforced.

As of late, it seems to me that the response of most Americans to the 3, deaths supports Stalin's remark that 'One death is a tragedy, a million deaths, a statistic.

Charles, you are performing a public service by posting those photos. They want us to believe that Islam is first and foremost a religion of peace.

The dead certainly wanted to live. The rest of us want to live. If we see what our enemies did, we will know why we fight.

It is a gruesome picture. He is wearing a black jacket, his arms are spread wide and much of his lower body is crushed.

Be advised this is a hoax picture. It was first seen over 2 yrs ago on the internet -- it is a picture of a man who'd been crushed by a truck on a road taken years ago, not a victim from the WTC.

The only pictures of victims on the pavement that are authentic are of body parts that have been covered with white sheets. Not a single victim who hit the ground from jumping from the WTC was in any way intact -- every part of their bodies collapsed from the impact and their bodies disintegrated.

Please be advised, and don't post the picture of that poor man from years ago. It just perpetrates a hoax. Charles, you should contrast your feelings to those of the Chinese who if you can believe the stories take glee at that footage, especially of the one where New Yorkers are fleeing a wall of debris coming down the street.

Thank you, Charles, for posting these pictures. At first, I didn't want to see them again. However, they have certainly brought a fine focus to my anger again and I am grateful to you for bringing that day back like a slap in the face.

Seeing these photos is so important in the midst of all of the psycho-babble and self-flagellation that's going on in the media right now.

The irony is profound - one year after these horrific attacks, the rest of the world hates us even more because we didn't immediately roll over and beg for mercy and apologize for every bad act dating back to Plymouth Rock.

I have been viewing postings for several weeks and never contributed, preferring instead to observe. This posting showed what happened yesterday in Montreal.

I had hoped for an articulate, interesting discussion on any number of issues that are relevant to that particular situation e.

Is this to be a part of the legacy of the past year? Wording such as 'obstruct america's rightous and well founded need to take out these pieces of shit ' 'Its all Canadians we hate''We're comin for them after we blow up the middle east'.

And Meryl, I can not express how your posting affected me. Charles, how can a person who is 'with it' as far as the Middle East goes admire Mandela?

I am a bit puzzled. Maybe backstage Arafat is also jovial, joke-cracking guy! Who knows I would like to point out that before South Africa became happy Mandeland their relations with Israel had been rather good and fruitful.

I was just coming off the elevators onto the 44th floor, ready for just another day at work.

Our managing partner flew down the hall, saying that a plane hit one of the towers of the WTC.

I thought, 'oh, geez, what a horrible accident -- must have been a small plane flying desperately off course' -- I tried to access all the news websites, to no avail.

One of the guys in the office had a small TV, and we gathered in his office. When the second plane hit, we all audibly gasped, and we then knew this was no accident.

My first reaction was to call my NYC friends all of whom were okay -- the father of a friend was, sadly, on one of the top floors of the North Tower and did not survive.

I could not absorb the enormity of it then, nor can I now. LGF has been instrumental in my education. Thank you, Charles, for this site.

Thank you, also, to so many others whose voices I read every day on my way to and from work and, yes, sometimes AT work : mommydoc, Glen Wishard, Kolya, ploome, zulubaby, Donna V.

This is my first post, and I doubt I have much to offer in the future, but you have inspired me to at least try and educate myself, my friends and family, many of whom think like you do, but don't have the ability to express it.

Additionally, even though I am just a working mom from Texas, I never ceased to be amazed at the level of apathy and disinterest so many of my friends and colleagues seem to have about this whole sorry mess.

When I bring up any subject related to the topic, their eyes glaze over. For some people, it's not about getting angry all over again, it's about getting angry for the FIRST time.

I'm new to lgf and thinking that this particular thread surely shows that us normally pacific Canooks at least until we drop the gloves can certainly get our knickers in a knot when we're criticized by rightfully indignant folks reacting to the 'left-wing' ruminations of a potty old pol who, when asked for his opinion, should have pleaded ignorance and stupidity and senility and kept his mouth shut.

Enough sniping across the border, already. Chretien will be gone soon enough and the world will unfold as it will without him, just as it has with him.

As an aside sorry, Charles is there a weblog anyone can recommend where Canadian politics are not only roiled and ranted against but where genuine change read: democratic action is plotted?

Us Canucks shouldn't expect to use lgf as a rant site for our own problems unless we get a Canuck Corner for the deed.

Klez virus fakes email headers the to: and from: in emails it sends out. The real infected person is not listed in the to and from, but buried in the email headers.

So it's very likely that the Wash Times virus scanner just saw the faked to: addy and sent the virus alert to Charles, who isn't infected.

Wind Rider should view the headers in that suspcious email. It might give a clue as to the ISP it is coming from, and from there you might be able to track who is sending it.

It's quite possible if Wind Rider has his email listed here that someone reading LGF is infected and sending email unknowingly.

This is very common in certain states, and we've had it happen to us. Basically, what happens is that you are pulled over for a traffic violation.

The policeman gives you your ticket, and then asks you 'do you mind if we search your car? The reason that they ask is that they simply trolling -- they want to search your car for drugs, so that they can seize your vehicle under civil forfeiture statutes.

Then, they sell the vehicle at auction and keep the proceeds for the police department. However, because they pulled you over for a traffic violation, they have no probable cause to search your vehicle.

So they use a bit of deceptive slight-of-hand, which as been ruled acceptable by the courts. Once the police officer gives you your ticket, the traffic stop is officially 'concluded', and you are technically free to leave, even though you don't realize it, because the officer hasn't told you.

Now, when the police officer asks you if he can search your car, and you say yes, then you have, in the eyes of the law, 'volunteered' to be searched, OUTSIDE of the 'coercive context' of a traffic stop, so no probable cause is required.

In addition, once you give permission for the police to search your car, they are allowed to do any amount of damage that they want during the search.

For instance, they may break out the dashboard, tear apart the seats and door panels, and break into any packages or items you have.

They have no obligation to reemburse you for any damage incurred during your 'voluntary' search.

We weren't. We had the entire car packed from top to bottom with camping gear for a two week trip, and weren't about to have our property ripped through and destroyed by a couple of troopers.

The police separated us, put my wife in her car, and went to work on us. At one point, one of the policemen approached me I was sitting in the car , and asked me if there were any drugs in the vehicle.

I said no. He then asked 'Do you mind if I look around? He returned to the car and told my wife that he had asked me if there were drugs in the car and I had told him that 'I wasn't sure.

The police asked us over and over if they could search the car, threatened to call for drug sniffing dogs, implied that if we just said 'yes' we could be out of there in no time at all.

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